Angus Mckinlay Sr


Since 1889 we have been supplying fresh fish to Barnsley and the surrounding area. Started in 1889 by Joseph Cliff, and expanded by Angus Mckinlay Sr, we are a family business with three generations of experience, proudly trading on a number of Barnsley's Markets. We strive to provide only the best for our customers and have built a strong, reliable reputation, with generations of customers frequenting our stalls. We always love to see new faces in the market so come and see us! 



Our stall over the years

Callum Visiting Evie on the Stall - 2017
Callum Outside the Glass Works during lockdown - May 2020
Young Angus and Old Angus on the stall C.1992
New Barnsley Market official opening, c.2018
The van
Old Angus, c.1972
Old Angus - C.2000s
new stall - c.2018
Fox Valley c.2018
Old Angus, c.1976
Callum- 2019
Old Barnsley market - 1960s
Evie - 2019
Penistone - 2018
Mick - Christmas 2018
Callum - 2020